How we think


We are committed to offering ranges and collections of products that respond to the different market needs.
We aim to make the time we spend with our family more beautiful and pleasant, at home, in the kitchen or in any other room, offering a wide range of products that are not only able to make life easier, but also keep an eye on style.

We are also present in the fields of hospitality and catering, amongst the pots and pans and hobs, where the need for advanced and handy professional utensils is ever present.

Our vision is to bring design, elegance and quality into everyday life.
Our mission is to be the distributor of choice for household products, the food industry and baby items, with fashionable yet affordable articles.
We are focused on quality and safety, combining both with our end-to-end services, agreed and customized according to our customers' needs.

We are committed to always keeping quality standards high during every single phase, from the design to the supply, from the advertising to the support, throughout the entire selling procedure.

"Make your world,
choose your style."

What we believe

We not only believe in the value of simple things, little gestures and responsibility, but also in the ambition, big goals and passion. Every individual is unique and different, and has specific wishes and needs. Therefore, we propose products that can satisfy the different business requests, instilling trust, sharing and transparency in our relationships with suppliers, clients and end consumers.


Our strength lies is the solutions we choose and propose. Our experience makes us a pragmatic and competent partner that you can always rely on. What makes us different from the others? We look after our customers step after step, from the fulfillment of promotional tools and display fitting, right up to product customization.


Partners and customers can count on us. We monitor each step of the supply chain, from production to distribution. We customize the display fitting of our products to give them the right visibility. Together with our customers, we study the best possible presentation to reach the end consumers. We propose services dedicated to sales and communication.


Our great attention to design and colour combinations, the offer selection and care for details, combined with an aesthetic taste consolidated throughout our years of experience and developed thanks also to our international contacts, make our products some of the most sought after in the household products and baby items world. Moreover, we customize our items, packaging and displays based on our customers' needs. We satisfy our customers' requests with our best sales offer.


Our reliability is high thanks to the choice of high quality materials for both daily and professional use. A considerable budget is reserved to test the foodstuff compliance of our products by highly qualified laboratories accredited by the European Union.

Rohs Food CE Reach

Focus on the customer

The aim of each activity is our customers' satisfaction and this starts from the capability to listen to their needs and to find the right solution for each one. Thanks to our end-to-end service and dedicated services, we work together with our customers on the definition of the business choices of their enterprises.